* Dreams never fall from sky,only meteor’s do.

* Life is full of tastes when a person comes up with god’s grace, at the same time life is full of waste when the person comes up with devil’s trace.

* Light from the sun turns every corner of darkness into brightness. In the same way happiness should be spreaded to such an extent that every corner of sorrow turns joyful. If you are spreading love,spread love to such an extent that people fall for you.

* Raise yourself high up to such an extent that you look like a point of light  that emits positive rays to the surrounding you are living in.

* Love is not in the air,it’s in the heart .The heart that beats with a  common key of love.

* Life is all about complications ,but I have a tool called “satisfaction”.

* Every thought has affect on every cell of the body. Developing positive things rejuvenate  each and every cell.

* Decide ,commit and responsibility follow the order ,then only miracles will happen..  Decide what you aim for,commit it everyday and at last take the responsibility for the  upcoming results.

* Your efforts must not remain in the air like a balloon ,they must land with something productive.

Published by Atul Anurag

Ph.D.(Applied Mathematics) Candidate at NJIT, NJ, USA.

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