faq’s of 2021

Below are some frequently asked questions(by friends, colleagues, etc.) asked to me in the year 2021.

Q1: What is your favorite color?


Q2: Do you believe in God?


Q3: What is that one thing you cannot live without?


Q4: What is your relationship status?

Single, but in love.

Q5: What is the definition of love?

Love is a feeling, an emotion that can only be felt and can’t be expressed in words.

Q6: Do you think people change themselves for their own sake?

I don’t think people change at all. It’s only our way of looking at them that changes.

Q6: What is the goal of your life?

The goal of my life is figure out my life’s existence.

Q7: Where is your favorite place to travel?

I don’t have any favorite place. I think any place that is unexplored and is not famous will be my favorite place.

Q8: Have you ever been in love?

What do you mean by “ever been in love”? I am in love.

Q9: What kind of conversations make you uncomfortable?

The kind of conversations in which someone tries to impose their theories on me.

Q10: How to win your heart?

There is no way to win my heart. I am already taken.

Q11: Can you forgive people who did wrong to you?

Of course, I can forgive but can’t forget.

Q12: What is that one thing that affects you the most?

Being in love, but not being loved back.

Q13: Are you afraid of death?

No, not at all.

Q14: Are you a non-vegetarian?

No, I am vegetarian.

Q15: Do you cry? If yes, when was the last time you cried?

Yes, l do cry. Dec 31, 2021.

Q16: When is your birthday?

It’s November 22nd.

Q17: What scares you the most?

My fickle minded nature.

Q18: What was the best and worst phase of your life?

LOVE. The best phase of my life was falling in love, and not getting out of it is the worst part.

Q19. What is your favorite song?

Fix You by COLDPLAY.

Q20: What do you like: TEA OR COFFEE?


Published by Atul Anurag

Ph.D.(Applied Mathematics) Candidate at NJIT, NJ, USA.

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