The Radiance of Love in the Night

When the night takes the circles of darkness,

Your moon-like face wraps a sheet of light of madness.

You come to wake me up from my sleep, bringing the rays of the sun,

From the ground to the sky, you are the one.

For when friendship is with the light,

There is no fear of taking a dark flight.

So let’s get lost somewhere in this black night,

And cherish each other’s company until the first light.

Lost in the radiance of your beauty, I have been for long,

The world may fade away, but in you, my heart belongs.

Now is the time for me to express my love for you, sunshine,

My heartbeat may stop, but you will always be mine.

Published by Atul Anurag

Ph.D.(Applied Mathematics) Candidate at NJIT, NJ, USA.

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