• Shut down all the possible ways by which people can communicate with you.
    Your true supporters and lovers will definitely come, to find you out, and rest will leave it to fortune.
    This will help you to scrutinize your own people.


  • A person who leads from the front is not a true leader.
    A genuine leader is someone who always stands behind the ideas of his followers, without promoting his own ideas.


  • A person who thinks, as if he is the only one who owes this world, just multiply his attitude with a zero of reality.
    Resultant will be a big zero.
    It should be done at right time.


  • It all begins with you, and it all ends with you too.
    You are the only one responsible for all your happenings. So, stop blaming others, and start analyzing yourself.


  • Never open up your success until it reaches to its destination.


  • Always compare yourself on the basis of your present day situation not on the basis of present date, as date on the calendar is same for all but the standings of life are always different.


  • If you are communicating wrongly with your subconscious mind, then it is very important to correct them on time else it will automatically start happening.






Published by Atul Anurag

Ph.D.(Applied Mathematics) Candidate at NJIT, NJ, USA.


  1. So… Everyone out there who think there is a purpose to everthing and god has setup and purpose foe them…. If you find the purpose and completed it.. What you do afterwards…. So there is no such thing like your life or my life.. This is just life.. And life has no meaning to it neither it needa to have one that’s its beauty.. Its just for you to live. You me and all out there are just like a bubble in the air which consumes a certain amount of life(more or less for people) their can’t be comparison when one day this bubble burst poop life is over. Whatever you do no matter you just can never consume the whole out of life.


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