Mom, you're the beat within my heart,

A guiding light, from the very start.

With your love and support, I've grown so strong,

And I know, with you, I can do no wrong.

With love and care, you raised me so,

And taught me to grow and let my love flow.

I'll strive to be the best person I can be,

And bring joy and happiness to you and me.

Your love is unconditional and pure,

And I'll always be grateful, that's for sure.

You've shaped me into who I am today,

And I'll always be grateful in every way.

You've taught me to be strong and never give up,

And to always have faith, even when things get tough.

Your unwavering support has gotten me this far,

And I know, with you by my side, I can go even further.

You've always encouraged me to follow my dreams,

And to never give up, even when it seems.

With your love and guidance, I've found my way,

And I know, I'm on the path to a bright and beautiful day.

Your sacrifices and hard work have not gone unnoticed,

And I want to repay you for all that you've devoted.

I'll make sure to give back and help others in need,

And make the world a better place, with love and kindness indeed.

You're the light in my life, and the best Mom of all,

And I'm so grateful, that I can call you mine, forever and always.

I love you more than words can express.

The PDF version of the poem can be downloaded here:

Published by Atul Anurag

Ph.D.(Applied Mathematics) Candidate at NJIT, NJ, USA.

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