Since Then!

Jun 14, 2024·
Atul Anurag
Atul Anurag
· 2 min read
Image credit: resanskrit

Since then, the breath flowing with the winds continued but the heartbeat was lost somewhere.

Since then, there was a wave of happiness in my mind but my thoughts got lost somewhere.

Since then, many new paths have been found but the destination has been lost somewhere.

Since then, many pleasant nights have come but the sleep of your dreams has been lost somewhere.

Since then, I have remembered many memories but the desire to meet has been lost somewhere.

Since then, I have had many dreams but the desire to win has been lost somewhere.

Since then, days passed but the pace of time got lost somewhere.

O Friend!

O friend! Let’s not worry about tomorrow,
We have this moment to live, let’s not hurry.

O friend! Let’s follow the ray of hope in the infinite darkness of fear,
I am shining in the vicinity of you, who cares.

O friend! Let’s not hold onto the grievances of pain,
Hold my hand and enhance your personal gains.

O friend! Let’s paint our future desires bold,
Listen to the rhythm of life, the music that never grows old.

You Are.

You are love. The quality of air I breathe.

You are love. The wings with which life flies without interference.

You are love. The time that I live without passing.

You are love. The sea that flows without knowing the path of an ocean.

You are love. The path I walk on when astray.

You are love. The strength to the heart that beats.

You are love. The comfort in moments of despair.

You are love. The option I choose in confusion.

You are love. The habit I follow, not the hobby I change.