Time of IFs and BUTs

Jun 5, 2024·
Atul Anurag
Atul Anurag
· 2 min read
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Time comes as a smile on your face, Time brings sorrow to your life, Time causes confusion,
Time teaches you how to live,
The spinning wheel of time never stops for anyone.

If you are happy, then time is good,
If you are sad, then time is bad,
Time has many names, but it moves at its own pace for everyone, Respect time or not, time never stops for anyone.

Time does not stop for those who want to live,
Time does not stop for those who are tired of life,
Time is life, and time is death,
Time moves according to its own will,
This is the spinning wheel of time, which never stops for anyone.

IFs and BUTs

If one morning while walking the path, I don't see you, I'll change the destination,

If one night in a dream I don’t catch a glimpse of you, I’ll change the dream,

If one day I don’t smell your fragrance in the air, I’ll change the direction of my breath,

If one day, while remembering good times, I don’t think of you, then I’ll change the pace of time itself,

If one day, while listening to a song, I don’t imagine the way you groove, then I’ll change the rhythm of the music.

If one day, while reading a love story, I can’t feel how passionately I love you, then I will change the definition of love.